Yousef Jameel Academic Program

The Yousef Jameel Academic Program. Discover more

Here is where you can discover more about the Yousef Jameel Academic Program in more detail. Who we are, what we stand for, our values and our vision.


One Vision. One Mission.

Our vision provides a clear focus as to what we seek to achieve. Our mission shapes our role in reaching those goals.

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Our objectives are manifold and help shape our work and all we want to support and achieve – both throughout the Middle East and North Africa region and in the UK.

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Find out more about our history – including further information about Mr. Yousef Jameel HON LHD, founder of the Yousef Jameel Academic Program and internationally successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

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Academic Advisory Board

Contributes to the academic quality and viability of the program, by providing insight, information and support.

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