Yousef Jameel Academic Program


Further information about Mr. Yousef Jameel HON LHD, founder of the Yousef Jameel Academic Program and internationally successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Mr. Yousef Jameel HON LHD is the founder of the Yousef Jameel Academic Program. An internationally successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, he long ago had the vision that knowledge and understanding is the key to the success of future generations, and that research is the foundation for the innovations and developments that serve and unify mankind.

With this approach guiding his actions and thoughts, Yousef Jameel decided to sponsor education, scientific research and the arts; currently he supports more than 200 graduate and postgraduate students in the fields of science, business and the arts.

In 2003, with this commitment to support scientific research, he funded the establishment of the Science and Technology Research Center (STRC) at the American University in Cairo (AUC) where, as a young man, he had graduated in economics. This follows a family tradition – his father, Abdul Latif Jameel, established the Business School at the AUC.

Since 2004, Yousef Jameel has privately funded a comprehensive scholarship program benefiting almost 400 PhDs, Masters and MBAs all over the world. Approximately 190 MBA students have been supported at the American University in Cairo, with the intent of cultivating and developing a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders in Egypt and the Middle East.

More recently, following the Arabic Spring, Yousef Jameel decided to help develop a new generation of highly qualified leaders in Egypt by sponsoring Scholarships for a Master in Global Affairs and Public Policy at the AUC.

Currently, PhD programs are supported at Cambridge, Cardiff and Oxford Universities in the UK, the University of Bremen, Humboldt and Marburg Universities in Germany, Nanyang Technological University and National University in Singapore, the American University in Cairo and Sabanci University in Istanbul.

In Cambridge, through Yousef Jameel’s support, the Cambridge Muslim College opened in autumn 2009. The funding of scholarships in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership is aimed at giving the students a better understanding of the role of Islamic sciences in British society in particular, but also the world in general.

Furthermore, Yousef Jameel enabled a major step in making Islamic Art accessible to the public. The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford created the Yousef Jameel Online Center for Islamic and Asian Art and is currently developing an online portal as a single point of access to the major Collections of Islamic Art in the World. The Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin is one of the first partners in this endeavor and is working on the digitization of major parts of its collections.