Yousef Jameel Academic Program


Through training of individuals in leading universities, we aim to help shape future societal leaders in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our overall objective:

Through training of individuals in leading universities, we aim to promote future societal leaders, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Our specific objectives:

To support high quality Research

  • that has an impact on societies and contributes to their sustainable development and welfare
  • that helps in finding ecologically-sound solutions for pressing socio-economic and socio-technical problems
  • that takes place in innovative research settings, such as interdisciplinary and collaborative research approaches and societal-embedded case-studies

To foster knowledge-based and innovation-driven Economies

  • through cultivating and developing a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders who combine key technical and business skills
  • by focusing on a higher value-added economy that enables the participation of a major part of the labor population and plays a key role on the global market

To foster knowledge-based and socially responsible Governance

  • through developing a new generation of well prepared leaders in public and civil society organizations,
  • who act based on inter-culturally sustained ethical standards, and demonstrate social and cultural responsibility

To increase understanding in Islamic Studies and Arts

  • by encouraging intercultural studies on Islamic and western societies
  • by supporting research in and awareness of Islamic Art History
  • through making Islamic Art collections globally accessible to the public on the internet

To support quality development in Educational Programs

  • by improving teacher training and professional qualifications of Muslim educators
  • by supporting the development of innovative education projects and creating the basis for skilled, educated and responsible citizens as pillars for sustainable democracies