Yousef Jameel Academic Program

One Vision. One Mission.

It all starts here. A vision to imagine a better future. A mission to make that future a reality.

Our vision

Our vision guides our work and provides focus.

We aim to contribute to ensuring sustainable development in the Arab World through knowledge-based and innovation-driven economies, balanced socio-ecological environments and highly educated and culturally rich societies. Where citizens have a strong sense of social responsibility and are governed by well-trained and skilled leaders with high ethical standards.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for change in the Arab World, by supporting scientific research, education and arts that contribute to sustainable development.

Through sponsoring scholarships and research projects, we enable outstanding individuals to study in leading universities worldwide and to undertake research in fields that will benefit humanity and in particular contribute to sustainable development.

With our research and arts program, we contribute to intercultural learning and understanding, fostering collaborative research environments and promoting scientific approaches to Islamic Studies and Arts.