Yousef Jameel Academic Program

Helping to create brighter futures

Welcome to the Yousef Jameel Academic Program. 

Through our support of research, training and studies of the arts, we aim to help promote and advance sustainable development across the Arab world. How do we plan to achieve this? By funding a wide range of activities, which will contribute to a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy, balanced socio-ecological environments and highly educated and culturally rich societies.

We like to think of it as creating brighter futures for all; enabling early stage researchers to study at renowned universities worldwide in order to create a positive impact in their countries of origin. The policy is to build strategic partnerships with scientific research and training institutions and museums where intercultural and interdisciplinary research and learning environments are being established.

By focusing on research projects with a strong societal orientation and a high potential for implementation, the Yousef Jameel Academic Program can be a real catalyst for change in the region, undertaking research in fields that will benefit humanity and encourage intercultural learning and understanding.